Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mertens Madness

Woo-hoo! Now up on our etsy site, a nice sampling of the Merten's figures! Including the one above, the Waterskiers. These guys measure only 7/8" tall! I love them for jewelry, dioramas, little bitty shelf decorations! They are all handpainted each one has it's own uniqueness..but they are ALL to die for!

This is the Wedding Guests set. They come in a cute little plastic box, with a vintage printed background!

Here's a little close up of two of the guests.

For this fun little project, I glued the background and some of the train station passengers into a mini fruit crate. I distressed the edges a little bit with some copper paint..and voila, mini train station diorama..What can you make with the Mertens?See more at Doris Dotz Do it Yourself!

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