Monday, December 28, 2009

We are live on Artfire & Everything is 25% off!

We just launched on Artfire and are still waiting for our first sales, so, until the end of the year, we have discounted everything by 25%.

Same great craft supplies, miniatures and glitter on Etsy, just a whole lot cheaper! Check it out!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glitter & Flitter Sparkle Bottle Set #311-0119

German Glass Glitter & Flitters Bottle Sets from Meyer Imports comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors! Here is our #119 Set - "Sparkle Set of Glitters and Flitters"!

In this glass bottle set, you get 9, 1/8 oz bottles in the great colors in the different grain, plus a sample of our great German Flitters! Glass Glitter & Flitter is sure to kick start that paper craft, super craft project that you're now working on!

Take & Make Glass
Sparkle Glitter Bottle Set
Item # 311-0119

1/8 oz Bottle White (Very Coarse Girt #70)
1/8 oz Bottle White
(Fine Girt #90)
1/8 oz Bottle Gold (Very Coarse Girt #70)
1/8 oz Bottle Gold (Fine Girt #90)
1/8 oz Bottle Silver (Very Coarse Girt #70)
1/8 oz Bottle Silver (Fine Girt #90)
1/8 oz Bottle Silver Flitter
1/8 oz Bottle Gold Flitter
1/8 oz Bottle White Flitter

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free Shipping for Thanksgiving Weekend @ Meyer Imports!

The Big Sale!

Free Shipping

All Thanksgiving Weekend!

No Secret Codes!

No "Doors Open at 5:00 AM"!

Just have an address in the USA, and we will pay all shipping charges on ALL orders from now until Monday Night, November 30th!

Just zip right over and stock up and Save Big with this great offer!

Click here for Meyer Imports

Monday, November 23, 2009

German Christmas Ornaments Specials

Special Free Offer

Another great FREE OFFER from Doris Dotz!
Offer good through November 30!

Celebrate the holiday with Doris Dotz Crafts! We are overstocked with Holiday Ornaments and have a really Special Offer. Just make a purchase at either our Dotz stores (on eBay or Etsy) and you'll get a free grab bag of Christmas items selected from the items below!

Until the end of November, every order and any products from our eBay or Etsy store will include your FREE Holiday Ornaments . Display them, Craft them or use them as gifts! The choice is yours! Order today by shopping at Doris Dotz on eBay or Doris Dotz on Etsy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

German Christmas Specials - first of a series!

Christmas in Germany is a very special time of the year, in fact, many tourist head to Germany in December to enjoy the many Christmas Fairs, decorations and of course, the food!


We are lucky enough to hold a bit of this rich tradition in our hands with the thousands of vintage Christmas Angels, Ornaments, and Nativity items (from East Germany) that we have in stock.


Many of our customers know that we purchased a huge amount of vintage inventory from Germany years ago and still have much of it left. These Christmas items are brand new and in very good supply. If you run a retail store and need a great price on a bulk purchase, let us know!


We will be highlighting more of this great collection over the next few weeks, or you can click here to see everything we have!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling Green, Real Green, Really Really Green!

In this Greens Set, you get a little sampling of all things Green..from Meyer Imports! Let Green be the inspiration for your next scrapbooking, paper craft or miniature project!

Take & Make Greens Sampler Pack
Item # 311-0012

Meyer Imports offers a wide array of Glass Glitters, Beads, Miniatures and Natural Elements.

1/4oz Bag Pale Yellow Green 70 Grit
1/4oz Bag Green Gravel Ballast
1/4oz Bag Moss Light Green
1/4oz Bag Grass Fiber Light Green
1/4oz Bag Green Yellow 70 grit
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Light Green
1/4oz Bag Grass Fiber Meadow Flower
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Mixed Meadow Coarse
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Dark Green
1/4oz Bag Emerald Glitter 70 grit
1/4oz Bag Chartreuse Beads
1/4oz Bag Moss Dark Green

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Projects! Just Playing Around, Making Tiny Things

Are your dollhouse flower boxes infested with Elfs and Gnomes? It turns out ours were. Yikkes! What to do, what to do? Sit back and enjoy the pictures. Items in this project are all from Meyer Imports.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Announcing Meyer Imports Crafting Embellishments!

Meyer Imports Embellishments, are the perfect little embellishments for any papercraft, scrapbook, miniature or diorama project. Featuring Flatback, Charms and Miniature Figures. All are vintage items imported from Europe over the last 30 years!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From the project shelf - Inspiration!

We probably spend way too much time creating prototypes, designs, new project and other fun things... Here are some pictures of our latest creations. Supplies courtesy of Meyer Imports.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glass Deco Beads, Colorful, Shiny Little Devils

Meyer Imports Deco Beads

These little beads have a mind of their own and just like little kids, sometimes don't do what you want. But when they behave, ohh what wonderful colors they provide...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Purple Pumpkins? Glitter up, little doggies!

Here is a great posting on real creative pumpkin designs, including my fav-o-rite one,

the glittery purple pumpkin! Check them out!

Glittery glamour

The glittery green one is not bad either!

to see german glitters for your pumpkins, click here

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free German Dolls, Still Available!!!

Special Free Offer
Another great FREE OFFER from Doris Dotz!
Offer good through Oct 31!

Celebrate Octoberfest - The Crafty way! These are wonderful Erbach Odenwald Dolls (Germany) from 1998 that are our free gift to all customers until the end of October! This set of two dolls are about 3" tall and come with these beautiful Apline Traditional outfits!
Until the end of October, every order over $12 ( any products) from our eBay or Etsy store will include a free set of these two dolls. Display them, Craft them or use them as gifts! The choice is yours! Order today by shopping at Doris Dotz on eBay or Doris Dotz on Etsy!

Product Announcement! Flitter, Glitter & Bead Sample Kit

Meyer Imports Model Kits are the perfect box of crafting supplies! In this model, you get 6 1/4 oz bags of 90 grit glass glitter in a rainbow of colors! You also get 3 1/4 oz bags of our plastic Flitter...iridescent film on plastic glitter makes this glitter Shine! And if that's not enough to get the creative juices also get 2 1/2 oz bags of mixes; a 70's grit Rainbow Glass Glitter mix and a Rainbow mix of Glass Beads!

Take & Make Model 114 Glass Glitter & Beads
Item # 311-0114

1/4 oz bag;
90 grit Red, copper, gold, violet, dark blue, pale yellow green
1/4 oz bag flitter; gold, silver, white
1/2 oz bag; Rainbow Bead Mix
70 grit Rainbow Mix

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pastel Glitter Crystals! Lime Green

A different look for our standard glass glitter.

Translucent Glass Glitter Crystals!

This is what our glass glitter looks like without it's sterling silver coating.

Use to layer over other colors or use on a white
or light background for a pure, pastel color!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mini Doggy Picture Frame - Take & Make Mini Project

Take & Make Mini Project
Mini Doggy Picture Frame

A wonderful project from the designer at Meyer Imports and a great fun way to display your doggie photos! build a picture frame that really highlights how fun dogs can be!

Built with supplies from Meyer Imports. See everything you need at: Meyer Imports. Just follow the links below for everything you need!
  1. Wee Doggies
  2. Miniature Trees
  3. Ground Cover
  4. Pale Yellow Green Glitter 90 grit
  5. Large & Sm Pallets
  6. Craft Tac Glue

Monday, October 12, 2009

Annoucing Today: Model #113 - Take and Make Crafting Kit

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..take this box and make something! In one easy to store box, you'll get some mushrooms, glass glitter, flatback gnomes, ladybugs, trees, deer and sooooo much more! Use for any papercraft project, cards, scrapbooking..or for a sweet diorama or shadow box frame! Add just a bit of glue and you're ready to go!

See the Meyer Imports #113 Click Here!

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