Thursday, October 15, 2009

Product Announcement! Flitter, Glitter & Bead Sample Kit

Meyer Imports Model Kits are the perfect box of crafting supplies! In this model, you get 6 1/4 oz bags of 90 grit glass glitter in a rainbow of colors! You also get 3 1/4 oz bags of our plastic Flitter...iridescent film on plastic glitter makes this glitter Shine! And if that's not enough to get the creative juices also get 2 1/2 oz bags of mixes; a 70's grit Rainbow Glass Glitter mix and a Rainbow mix of Glass Beads!

Take & Make Model 114 Glass Glitter & Beads
Item # 311-0114

1/4 oz bag;
90 grit Red, copper, gold, violet, dark blue, pale yellow green
1/4 oz bag flitter; gold, silver, white
1/2 oz bag; Rainbow Bead Mix
70 grit Rainbow Mix

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