Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling Green, Real Green, Really Really Green!

In this Greens Set, you get a little sampling of all things Green..from Meyer Imports! Let Green be the inspiration for your next scrapbooking, paper craft or miniature project!

Take & Make Greens Sampler Pack
Item # 311-0012

Meyer Imports offers a wide array of Glass Glitters, Beads, Miniatures and Natural Elements.

1/4oz Bag Pale Yellow Green 70 Grit
1/4oz Bag Green Gravel Ballast
1/4oz Bag Moss Light Green
1/4oz Bag Grass Fiber Light Green
1/4oz Bag Green Yellow 70 grit
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Light Green
1/4oz Bag Grass Fiber Meadow Flower
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Mixed Meadow Coarse
1/4oz Bag Surface Cover Dark Green
1/4oz Bag Emerald Glitter 70 grit
1/4oz Bag Chartreuse Beads
1/4oz Bag Moss Dark Green

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