Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Mushroom Madness!

Weekly Specials!
Free Offers, all Season Long!

Every order over $10 will get a Free 12 Piece Set of our great Vintage German Ceramic Mushrooms. These very nice detailed mushrooms are about ½ tall and come on their own green stems. And you get them for free! Come check out our unique holiday craft supplies.

Offer good through Nov 30, 2008 for all orders from our store on Etsy at

Every week Doris Dotz will be offering something FREE just to give you another reason to get to know our great holiday Craft Supplies! Watch our blog for more updates & free offers - All Holiday Season long!

Get Creative with Doris Dotz DIY Kits


Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Special! Free German Snowmen Figures!

FREE German Snowman Figures

Weekly Specials!
Free Offers, all Season Long!

Every order over $10 will get a Free Set of a 6 Piece Snowman Figures. These very nice detailed figures are 2” tall and you get a set of Six, for Free! Come check out our unique holiday craft supplies and get your free Snowmen!

Offer good through Nov 30, 2008 for all orders from our store on Etsy at (Offer not valid for eBay sales.) And, check out our blog for tons of other great deals!

Monday, November 17, 2008

FREE Vintage Nativity Figures - Weekly Specials

Every order over $10 will get a Free Set of a 7 Piece Nativity Figures. These beautiful detailed figures are 1/2” to 1.” tall and you get a set of seven, for Free! Come check out our unique holiday craft supplies and get your free Angels!

Offer good through Nov 23, 2008 for all orders from our store on Etsy at (Offer not valid for eBay sales.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let me tell you a little about what we're doing here..

Hi there.

I've been posting a lot of seemingly random stuff (at seemingly CRAZY PRICES! SO CHEAP!) What we're doing here is sifting through our product and finding all of the things we only have 1 or 2 left, or the ones that aren't manufactured anymore, and selling them in kits or grab bags or whatever we can think of.

(Example of this is the box I knocked over on accident, taking pictures of it, and posting!)

In that vein, I'll be doing a lot more of that in the coming days, to clear out more room here, so we can organize and bring the best service to you.

So yes, here's some of the stuff you'll see at our store:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just a reminder that I've reposted some items that haven't been up for a couple of weeks. Check our ebay store! Yay!

Cool Vintage Wooden Animals

These were posted a few days ago, but I'm posting them here, because they're just so CUTE:

Not only piggies, but foxes, bears, birds, mice, all in tiny bags not opened since the fall of communism in Germany. (Hence the lack of detailed photos for the rest.) Here's a full lot picture:

Yes yes, blurry, but you can't beat the price and the quality!

In any case, here's the link and here's our ebay store.


An Amazing Gazebo

This is our usual gazebo:

We have around four of them that are slightly damaged from our shipment:

See the damage right under the roof? Oh you don't? Well then this is a deal for you! Here's the above shot:

Okay okay, there IS some damage there, but it really isn't noticible, and its a bargan compared to what they usually sell for. So what are you waiting for? Check out the gazebo on our ebay store:

Love and snuggles!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekly Special - Free Vintage Angels!

Every order over $10 will get a Free Set of our Vintage Gold Angels. These beautiful detailed angels are 1.” tall and you get a set of six, for Free! Come check out our unique holiday craft supplies and get your free Angels!

Offer good through Nov 15, 2008 for all orders from our store on Etsy at (Offer not valid for eBay sales.)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uncovered from the depths of the warehouse...

Coming from a hidden box in a hidden corner in a hidden section of a hidden aisle of a known warehouse, these East German figures are truly a wonderful collector's item. The label reads, "Expertic, Made in Germany East". Only 3 sets; when they're gone, they're gone!

Check our Ebay store for more of these great deals as we clear out more and more items.



(I'm new around here, hi everyone!)

The Listing.

Our Store.

Another great find! Miniature Vintage Nativity Scenes

Just want let everyone know that we just listed a huge box of miniature Vintage Nativity Scenes

This is an amazing grab bag of nativity items made throughout the 60's and 70's. Included are several miniature Nativity sets, many angels, and an assortment of ornaments, perfect for the upcoming Christmas season! You will definitely get more than you paid for when it comes to this item.

Ebay link!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vintage German Christmas on Doris Dotz

We have started to load our store with a large number of Vintage German Christmas Angels, Ornaments, and other Holiday items.

These came from a warehouse we purchased and are at least 30 years old. All the items are new, never used and come from vendors and factories (in most part) that were located in East Germany.

Come by the store and check out the selection. More coming every day for the next week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

DOTZ Dots.... Glitter, Miniatures & Vintage German Treasures

With the holiday crafting season just ahead, you might be looking for something really unique for that special holiday project! Or maybe you want to brouse through hundreds of Vintage European Miniatures to get ideas for your next creation.

You may of have seen just some of our items on eBay, but if you want to see it all, you have to come to our online store! Stocked with the most elegant German Glitters, Vintage Charms, Miniatures and Figures, is a wonderful source for anyone creating Greeting Cards, Holiday Table Displays, Jewelry or homemade gifts. Real interesting crafting items that you just can't find anywhere else!

Shopping is easy at our store, shipping is fast, and everything is 100% guaranteed to meet your "I just love it" expectations. So, stop by and take a look, and then let us help make your project special.

Doris Dotz do-it-yourself Craft Supplies, Online now at

Hope to see you soon!

Craftly Yours,


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What better way to announce one's arrival then with a cutie little train station veggie crate! My name is Elaine Barr,, I'm a crafter to the bones. I love the minis from Doris many little time! Here I took some of the Mertens figurines and the veggie/fruit crates and made a little three piece train station scene. I'm a rubber stamper at heart, so you'll likely always see a little bit of ink dashed here and there on my projects. On this one I added a little bit of copper for a metallic, rustic pretty in the light...stay tuned for more projects to come! :) e

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage Glass Animal Miniatures on ebay!

I just loaded a huge number of vintage glass animals from Germany. These were imported back in the 70's or 80's and are new and have never been sold. All types of animals! Very nice old stock (as most of our items are!)

Well worth the look!

Just head to our ebay store at and enter "glass" into the store's search field (look for "Store Search" right under our logo).

Here all our details:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glass-Tac Black - The First Black Craft Glue

Why use boring old white glue, when you can highlight and frame your glitter and deco-beads in a mid-night black sea of this very unique glue.

It really make your colors bold, creates a very high definition with your other materials and allows you to create designs and patterns that look just great.

This is a brand new item and will really help you create some wonderful projects!

Check it out in our store at Doris Dotz! Click on German Glass Glitter!



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vintage Germany Tiny Tiny Figures - Just listed! Old Stock Items

We just added 58 unique sets of Merten Figures in our store. These are very small (1/2" or so tall) and came from a German manufacture in the 1970 or 1980's. They are brand new, in their original packaging and are being sold at a discount from what you would see in most hobby or craft stores.We have both small, and very small figures (called "HO" - the larger ones and "N" scale - the smaller ones). We have a fairly good supply of these little guys and have many, many different sets, but when they are gone, they'll be gone for good! We have poeople, animals and even a golf course!

Check out DorisDotz today, and click on Merten Figures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Item! Vintage Lapel Pins - Old Stock German

We recently purchased a full warehouse of thousands of items that were imported from Germany in the 1960's through 1980. We are going through these items and cataloging them as fast as we can. We will putting some great items in our store, so check out DorisDotz for some real unique items.

We just listed some lapel pins from Germany created in the 1970 or 1980s. Most are metal, a few are plastic, but are have real unique themes and colors.

They come are the original cards and make for a real nice collectible. Lots more pictures on the site. First come, first served!

Come check them out!

Doris Dotz Crafts Supplies!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Announcing World Blends - Unique German Glass Glitter Blends

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Our eBay Store: Doris Dotz on eBay


World Blends - Unique Glitter Blends

One of things we have discovered with our Glitter is that it's uniqueness takes on new dimensions as it is blended with other colors. In working with this product, we could not help but notice the striking beauty and originality of some of "one time" blends we were creating. 3010001_2

301bl02_2These very creative mixes are really stunning, something that we just had to offer to our customers as our new "World Blends". Of course, you can do the same in your own studio by blending colors to come up with your own unique shades.

3010001_2aHowever, to get you started, our "Master Blender" (Kathy) has created some very interesting color aspects301bl03_2_3 to get you started. Each World Blend will be of varying colors (some contain up to six different shades) and no two will be alike. Add originality and elegance in your projects with these one of a kind glitter mixes.

Left_glitter_combo This is the same high quality glitter we provide in our single shades only in a much more creative touch! So, play with your glitter and see what blends you can create! And then let us know what you have created!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CHEAP Shipping - Vintage German Miniatures - 49 Cent - Flat Fee Shipping

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Our eBay Store: Doris Dotz on eBay

Today we are trying something brand new, deep, deep discounts on our shipping fees, 49 Cents on all domestic shipping, and 29 cents for your second item.

Our DOTZ Kits are only a couple of dollars a piece, so a discount on the Kits would not do much to save you money, but 49 cent shipping will really reduce your total spend and allow you to buy other items, like GAS for your car!

This is just our small attempt to help out with your family budget! It is a bit of an experiment, so take us up on the offer while it is here! While the Cheap Shipping is available, our warehouse guys will be working a bit harder for sure, but we can handle it....

So you can chose our Etsy store at

Or our ebay Store at Doris Dotz on Ebay

Also, we have REALLY reduced all shipping fees Worldwide, so Canada, Germany, UK, French, Japanese customers can save as well!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vintage Wooden Ducks - The hottest item on my site!

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We really do not know why, but this is the best selling item in our Etsy store.

The Wooden Duck family from Germany. They are very nice, are offered at a good price, but I never thought we would sell as many as we have. And now we are getting low. Once they are gone they are gone forever.

They come in their own little box, still labeled with the company in East Germany that produced them back in the day....

Strange, You can never really predict what is going to be a hot seller!

Blog Address:

Our Online Store is at:

Monday, May 26, 2008

How to Find the best is Craft Miniatures

Check out our blog at:

Our Online Store is at:

We receive alot of questions on where to find craft miniatures, this is an article I found in an old brochure written in the 1970 to promote these German products. It is a little dated now, but still holds true. Doris Dotz has hundreds of these miniature in stock and ready to ship, so get ready for a trip, back in time.

If you are looking for one of a kind art supplies for your business or for your clients, you should try taking a look at the web sites that display a comprehensive offer of European miniatures. And we are talking particularly about first class German vintage miniatures.

Whether you are a retailer of paintings, sculptures, photos and all kind of classic or contemporary artwork, or just a passionate collector, you should try something different, like vintage German miniatures. This means we will be taking a trip back in time and witness the passing of at least 50 years of human history, through the miniature universe of the artist that created these items, years ago.

Imagine that you are looking through the attic of your grandparents’ house and you stumble upon a chest that holds under his rusted lock a treasure that you will find amazing. These are the vintage miniatures we are talking about: genuine pieces that date back from the World War Two period.

This kind of art and craft supplies are the only ones left from the initial line of products. The creation process was an individual occupation back then. There were no assembly lines or such complex processes to create miniatures. There was only the ability of the artist, as well as a designer and a modeler, and also a painter, since all the products were hand painted.

Apart from the incredible artwork that involves creating such vintage miniatures, we should not forget to mention other important features. The variety of models and representations spread from animal figurines (wild animals, domestic animals, dinosaurs and mythological creatures) to human characters (different periods of time soldiers, civilians and fairy tales heroes) all the way to landscape products (trees, foliage and colored ballast) and railroading accessories (engines, cars, transported products, rail tracks, and much more). And in case you turn to be passionate about recreating a real scene, by using vintage miniature, you should keep in mind that every piece represents an exact scale, at the certain small size, with the real size replica. All the models are usually between 1:20 and 1:64 scale models.

When it comes to comparing art supplies such as vintage miniatures with modern time miniatures that do not follow the old way, the former definitely stand out. Nowadays assembly line products are no match to the hand made products that German masters used to make.

All you have to do is search the Internet for web sites that host e-commerce with art supplies such as the vintage miniatures we described in this article. And keep in mind that most of the miniatures are the only ones left of their kind. So be prepared to own a unique piece of art that witnessed modern history in an old treasure chest in a dusty attic.

Check out our blog at:

Our Online Store is at:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vintage Spun Cotton Mushrooms - New on Doris Dotz

Craft Mushrooms!

We have opened up some cases of old miniature vintage German Mushrooms and now have them listed up on our Doris Dotz webstore.

These mushrooms were produced in East Germany, back in the day (1970's) and were in a warehouse until we purchased the old lot.

We have all types of Ceramic, Plastic and Spun Cotton miniature mushrooms, all packaged in our Doris Dotz Kits, ready to be used!

Come take a look at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CraftBits - Great Website & Blog for crafters

I wanted to let the group know about Craftbits - a website with a huge number of Free project plans. I am just a happy user of their site and not connected to them in any way.....

What really makes CraftBits unique is that was created by a mother and daughter team, blending a unique combination of crafting and creativity. They started their website after numerous years in the area of craft, teaching, retail craft and owning a gift store. CraftBits was launched to provide resources for teachers, therapists, and craft enthusiasts in the year 1999. Since then, the website has grown tremendously in terms of content and resource information. And they are in Queensland, Australia. Cool!

And while you are there, you really need to check their blog, CraftGossip - hear about the latest gossip in crafts and DIY ideas written by a professional team of editors. Well worth the visit! Craft Gossip

Wel.. back to surfing the web and looking for more projects that I do not have time to complete!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cyber-Thrift Store Shopping

I got a number of emails about Goodwill's auction website, so this is just a quick post to share this info.

Some background: is an auction site created, owned and operated by Goodwill of Orange County (Santa Ana, CA). However, participating Goodwill's from across the country offer for auction on the site a wide array of art, antiques and collectibles as well as new and nearly new items pulled from their inventories of donated goods. From unique one-of-a-kind items to estate pieces, the depth of resources is enormous.

Lots of very interesting and strange items by for bid! Have Fun!

My Etsy Store