Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CHEAP Shipping - Vintage German Miniatures - 49 Cent - Flat Fee Shipping

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Today we are trying something brand new, deep, deep discounts on our shipping fees, 49 Cents on all domestic shipping, and 29 cents for your second item.

Our DOTZ Kits are only a couple of dollars a piece, so a discount on the Kits would not do much to save you money, but 49 cent shipping will really reduce your total spend and allow you to buy other items, like GAS for your car!

This is just our small attempt to help out with your family budget! It is a bit of an experiment, so take us up on the offer while it is here! While the Cheap Shipping is available, our warehouse guys will be working a bit harder for sure, but we can handle it....

So you can chose our Etsy store at

Or our ebay Store at Doris Dotz on Ebay

Also, we have REALLY reduced all shipping fees Worldwide, so Canada, Germany, UK, French, Japanese customers can save as well!!

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