Thursday, May 29, 2008

Announcing World Blends - Unique German Glass Glitter Blends

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World Blends - Unique Glitter Blends

One of things we have discovered with our Glitter is that it's uniqueness takes on new dimensions as it is blended with other colors. In working with this product, we could not help but notice the striking beauty and originality of some of "one time" blends we were creating. 3010001_2

301bl02_2These very creative mixes are really stunning, something that we just had to offer to our customers as our new "World Blends". Of course, you can do the same in your own studio by blending colors to come up with your own unique shades.

3010001_2aHowever, to get you started, our "Master Blender" (Kathy) has created some very interesting color aspects301bl03_2_3 to get you started. Each World Blend will be of varying colors (some contain up to six different shades) and no two will be alike. Add originality and elegance in your projects with these one of a kind glitter mixes.

Left_glitter_combo This is the same high quality glitter we provide in our single shades only in a much more creative touch! So, play with your glitter and see what blends you can create! And then let us know what you have created!

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