Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love our customers!!!!!!

A very nice note from one of our customers.....

We just love hearing from our customers but do not normally share these messages, but this one really got to us. It nice to know that what you do can touch different people in many different ways!

Customer "R" writes: "I want to let you know how much all of the miniatures that I've received from you mean to my daughter. She is 11 and she is adopted. She is so very damaged by the drugs and alcohol her mother used while she was pregnant with her (and her 13 year old brother who we also adopted.) Petra uses the little babies and animals and 'props' to role play. She talks TO them and FOR them and it's just incredible the way her stories unfold. She's a lonely little girl, and her 'little toys', as she calls them, are her best friends. She has been asking daily if her new things have arrived yet, so today when she comes home from school she is going to squeal with delight! I feel so blessed to have found your site, and I thank you for being a part of her happiness!"

We will be sending "R's" daughter a nice package of goodies as a surprise! Please share your stories, photos and projects with us! We love to hear how you use and enjoy our goodies!

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